Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Things

Well world, I had hoped once we got married life would slow down even for just a week or two.. but of course that's never how it goes! As of right now, we unfortunately, are going through some legal ick with Adam's ex wife concerning the sweet little ones. SUCKS. Enough said. Next, we jumped right into trying our hand at getting into the wedding business in some ways. We met with a lady today who runs the newest, and can I say MOST GORGEOUS wedding venue in Rexburg. She needs a bunch of signs, banners, and advertising done so Adam is hooking her up with his MAD SKILLS.. (Love this man...) While talking with her about all those fun things, Adam mentioned that we are trying to get our idea up and running and in motion. Lucky for us, she was very helpful and gave us the opportunity to be included in an upcoming event they are hosting to put together a preferred vendor list to be used with all the brides using their facility... EEEKK!! couldn't be more excited about this new adventure. Any ideas (especially on business names ;]) would be very welcome. Can't wait to debut everything we are working on! Pray for us until March 31st when we get to strut our stuff.

This weekend, we have the kiddo's... so in love with these little people... They say and do the best things to warm my heart... Jayden told me tonight that he likes me even when I put him in time out... glad to hear I am not screwing up to bad on this whole parenting thing.

until next time,


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