Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simple Elegance

Well, I mentioned in my last post that Adam and I were in the process of starting a new business venture. We finally thought of a name. Simple Elegance. Nothing fancy, or real original, but I think it says everything I needed it to say. Simplicity is key to anything you do essentially. And elegance... who doesn't just swoon a little when they hear that word?!? We do personal, unique announcements... for anything you want to announce. We do thank you cards, registy cards, envelopes, labels, and everything else you have to include with your invites or annoucements. We also handle all the personal details that make any special event, special. I am REALLY excited about this and can't wait to see what happens. My business cards are almost done and SOO cute! (Not to brag or anything, but my sweet hubby is a STUD at this stuff ;]) good thing I just get to do all the fun parts right?? I think so.

In other news, not much going on at the moment... waiting for all the big days coming up. Valentine's day, Adam's Birthday! (YAY!!!) getting this business on its feet, the icky ex wife stuff (bllaahh) and anything else that might crop up... Just for the record, and jealousy factor, in exactly 32 days I will be on a plane to sunny Florida for a week vacation with my honey! WAHOO!!! Granted, we are attending a Heaven's Best Seminar... but I can handle that... vacation is vacation :]

Well until next time.....

Keep us in your prayers.. we need things to work out for our family.. especially those sweet little kiddo's of ours. They need some happiness and security in their lives.


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  1. GOOD VIBES coming your way! Sounds like you're happy and busy. Best way to be. ;)