Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby on Board...

Well... As usual, its been awhile. I always think to blog, but then never know what to say or how to say all the things I am constantly thinking and feeling.
A lot of that has finally changed because for once I have one thing to think about ALL the time.
Baby Howard is on board and will be arriving April 9th, 2013.
We couldn't be more thrilled to be adding another little one to our circus. On October 18th we found out that we will be seeing a lot more dirt, and trucks, and blue and our house because its time for another little boy to keep me on my toes.
I am sooo excited and scared out of my mind at the same time. I love the opportunity I have had to be a step mom to Jaycee and Jayden, but in reality, I have only had to be an every other weekend mom. Don't get me wrong, I would change that in a heartbeat if it were possible, but its not. Until now... In a few short months I will be becoming a full time mom from day one. And I am scared. out. of. my. mind.
But it will be good, and I am sooo lucky to have a good man and a wonderful dad by my side to get me through this and to encourage and love me.
I am so blessed for this wonderful little family of mine.
xoxo -D

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