Sunday, November 4, 2012

Girls Day

So this weekend we had the kids which is always an adventure, but Saturday there was a craft fair at a local high school so we made a girls day of it! :] My mom, Jaycee, and I went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (LOVE THAT PLACE!!) and then headed off to spend all our money [hehe]
It was a fairly small craft fair and not many "crafts" more vendor type stuff but I found a couple cute things for baby T and probably the CUTEST scarf I have ever seen and mom as usual found all sorts of super cute christmas gifts and fun things to spoil the grandkids with. I was so proud of Jaycee Adam and I decided to give her $10 for all her help around the house and to have some money to spend, and then of course grandma gave her money to spend as well :] I can proudly say that my sweet little girl is QUITE the bargain shopper! She managed to get most of what she wanted that she liked and still had money left over when we were done.
The boys went and had a boys day of course. They had a blast and it makes me SOO happy that I have such a wonderful family that we can be so close to. I am also so thankful for a husband who wants to be close to my family and who wants to learn and help as much as he can. I love that we have this opportunity to spend time with my family and to give the kids the chance to get to know both mine and Adam's families, and to see how loved they are and how much support they have always so close to them.
Sure am thankful for all that I have and for my little family that is growing faster than I can handle it. :]

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